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Welcome to our site!  Browse around and find out a little about us.  We believe that no matter where you find yourself, God will meet you where you are and take you places you have never been.  Take Your Next Step With Him!  You are invited to any of our upcoming services!    


We have a gift prepared for you,  it is just a way we say thanks for visiting us.   If you have any questions, please fill out one of the contact forms or give us a call.


Sunday Services 10:30 am  (Bethel Kids takes place on Sundays)

Youth Services  Wednesdays @ 7:00 pm

NEW HERE! Common Questions

What time do we start?  Sundays we start at 10:30 am usually ending at 12pm


Where are we located? We are located at the corner of 5th and Lamine


What KIND of church is this?  We are a multi-racial, cultural, and generational body of believers, and our music is more contemporary.  We want you feel WELCOMED and ACCEPTED.  You can BELONG and get CONNECTED before you believe anything or make BFC part of your spiritual familiy.


What do I wear? Whatever you are comfortable in.


How does the service go?  Starting at 10 am we have free coffee and pastries until service begins at 10:30.  Depending on the Sunday, our worship team will lead the singing either through video or live music. During worship there is a time that persons can receive prayer and pray for others if they so choose.  


When are the Kids Services? We like for families to worship together, so after worship/singing and just before the morning message, we dismiss the kids to "Bethel Kids."  


What is the denomination? We are a "Foursquare Gospel Church" The term "Foursquare Gospel" came about during an intense revival led by Aimee Semple McPherson in the city of Oakland, Calif., in July 1922.   We believe fully in the work of Christ and who current working of the Holy Spirit in our lives today.  The "Foursquare" term comes from the work of Christ in that He is our Saviour, Our Healer, Our Baptizer with the Holy Spirit, and Our Soon Coming more

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